Monday, January 14, 2013

PHOTO SHOOT: for UPPERCASE magazine (some of my LADYFITS by Sonya Darrow photos)

This summer I was lucky enough to be involved in Sonya Darrow's photo shoot for UPPERCASE magazine! Now that the article has gone to press I can share my thoughts and images from that day.

Just a little background and a few links:

Sonya Darrow is a Cedar Rapids, IA- based Czech-American artist and Goodwill Artist-in-Residence. She works in Cedar Rapids but also does some work in NYC and with Goodwill Industries..

Sonya's blog

Heather Atkinson and I just love working together on projects and tend to bring each other in when we would like some extra eyes, hands or cameras. Heather was the photographer on this shoot and I was make-up, shooting video and photo stylist assist.

Heather's website

When I wasn't helping with the shots, I was also helping them look for location ideas for shots within the Czech Village area of Cedar Rapids and shooting video for Sonya's video about her work.

While there, I was able to use my iPhone to take some photos to document my experience. I've included a few of my favorites below.

Article Preview in UPPERCASE Magazine

A Classic Look: featuring MAC lashes, MAC kohl liner,  MAC pressed pigment shadow
 and Revlon's Cherries in the Snow red lipstick.

Sonya strikes a regal pose in garments sourced from many places including
 Goodwill, altered and remodeled by herself and evocative of her traditional Czech roots.

Standing proud in the former flood zone  in a pile of glass and rubble.

Sitting pretty on a chunk of a former house foundation.
Many of these homes were built around the turn of the century in the Czech Village area.

Glancing back and looking forward.  The metal floral bits on her
headdress are sourced from a thrifted wall hanging.

Symbols of Czech-American pride: The "Bohemie Queenie" herself, the Lions on the 16th Ave. bridge
and the National Czech and Slovak Museum in the background that was moved and expanded
after the flood of 2008.

On top of the flood rubble the ribbons came out and moved with the wind....

Damaged buildings with boarded-up windows are still standing and still aesthetically beautiful.
Sonya strikes a Czech cowgirl pose or two with some of her fiber art.

Please be sure to check out the UPPERCASE article! Copies of  January 2013 UPPERCASE are available at Anthropologie, by subscription and for this month only:  also at Home Ec. Workshop in downtown Iowa City.

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  1. Seeing your shots "behind the scenes" take on the day is so interesting! Collaborating with you and Sonya for this shoot with literally the higlight of 2012 for me. IOWA PROUD ladies! XOXO!