Thursday, November 8, 2012

Featured Hair Stylist: JoAnn LS of GSpot Hair Design, Iowa City IA

Meet JoAnn, she does hair. Great hair. And in the interest of full disclosure, she does my hair.

Last Sunday at the catalogTKA photoshoot, for Little Village Magazine, JoAnn created a series of beautiful hair creations to accompany the make up that I did on the 5 models we were working with. 
Somehow she makes it easy for me when I am styling and doing makeup to nail the exact right kind of hair look that unifies the clothes and face. 

Magic? It must be magic.
(or probably talent and ten years of experience)
JoAnn prepares Alicia's hair for her updo.

Sassy! I told JoAnn I was thinking a mix of classic and Janelle Monae. Boom!
(Photo by Heather Atkinson)

 As JoAnn was working on the models I could see that she was using many Bumble & bumble products like hair powder, hair spray and Sumo waxes. I personally love the essential oil scent of Tonic. She usually spritzes some on me before I get my hair done because it is like a mini spa moment.
And as busy as I am, I will take a millisecond of aaaaahhhhhhh whenever and wherever I can find it.

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