Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PHOTO SHOOT: Elise G. collaboration with JoAnn Larpenter-Sinclair

A Beautiful Chameleon

Believe it or not, all of these photos were from the same photo session. Elise is wearing several different looks from beginning to end. These shots were taken for a competition 
(a joint project for Bumble and Bumble and W magazine websites). 

All hair by JoAnn Larpenter-Sinclair for GSpot Hair Design, Iowa City.
JoAnn also did the makeup on Elise except for the silver swimsuit shots, when I went over the makeup with my own make-up look (which I called "private school rebel"). 
Clothes were chosen from Revival, White Rabbit and Artifacts shops by JoAnn and I collaborated in choosing how to style them. 

Notes from the hair stylist (JoAnn):
 Name of Look: Era Apparent

Inspiration:  My goal was to incorporate as many of my favorite eras for big hair into one style, while still having my look be modern and fresh. It's equal parts late-1800's Gibson Girl, 50's rockabilly, 80's prom queen, 60's beach bombshell, with a sprinkle of  late-70's Dolly Parton rolled into the mix. The look is current, elegant and feminine with an undone, slept-in edginess.

1. Shampoo and condition with the appropriate products recommended by your hairdresser. Spray Bumble and bumble Tonic allover and comb through.
2. Spray  Bb Thickening Hairspray at roots and comb through.
3. Work Bb Thickening Full Form Mousse throughout, and round brush hair until completely dry.

4. Curl Random Sections with a  curling iron and Bb Spray De Mode.  Cool for 5 minutes to set and separate and rough up the curls with a brush and your with fingers. 
5. Pin back hair on sides with Holding Spray, then backbrush rest of hair and arrange the top until you like the shape. Throw a few pins in it to secure, and finish with Bb Thickening Creme Contour and Bb Spray de Mode.

All photos copyright by Tonya Kehoe 2013
(as usual there is no post-production besides the occasional cropping)

ON LOCATION: Cedar Rapids

Showing my photographer friend around the older parts of Cedar Rapids, looking for compelling places and things, we stumbled on some really interesting stuff. I was surprised at how much Cedar Rapids has changed post-flood, and how much is gone. On the flip side, the New Bohemia area was really vibrant and busy with places to shop and eat, even the bike trail was busy near the river. That area really is a destination.

Barry Phipps ( also showed me how to use my vintage rangefinder (film) camera (Canonet QL-17 GIII) and I learned so much about it (such a quiet, classic little camera). 

I took the following photos with my Canon 60D:

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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Time for some teddy boy rocker pix, amiright? Here you go then....Seth was hilarious and fun to photograph and let me dress him in denim on denim on denim (Jacket from White Rabbit).

This project was for JoAnn with Bumble and bumble. Hair by JoAnn Larpenter-Sinclair at GSpot Hair Design, Iowa City, IA.

Styling notes from JoAnn:
Look-Stray Cat

Inspired by the Teddy boys of the 50's and 90's punk style. Elvis/Stray Cats/James Dean.   This look is meant to have a flexible but strong hold, so that you can change it up throughout the day (or week, depending on how often you wash your hair) for maximum versatility.  This guy is the bad boy that your parent's warned you about.  If they could only see that he's got a heart of gold underneath that mechanic's uniform... 

1. Shampoo and condition with the appropriate products recommended by your hairdresser. Towel dry hair and apply Bumble an bumble Tonic Lotion from roots to ends.  Use Bb Thickening spray lightly  from roots to ends, and then layer that with a generous dollop of Bb Thickening Full Form Mousse ran through all of the hair.  

2. Start blow-drying the hair, balancing out growth patterns, and directing the hair where you want it to go until it is 80% dry.

3.Round brush everything that is in front of the curve of the front of the head to acheve maximum volume.  For the hair behind that, elevate it and twist is around your fingers to bring out any natural wave and volume in the hair. Dry completely.

4. Finish with a nickel size of Bb Thickening Crème Contour to bring definition to the look and add texture and shine

5.Finish with Bb Classic hairspray to make everything stay put.



                                                          (above with Stephanie)

All photos copyright Tonya Kehoe 2013 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Working on this documentary project with the IC Drag Kings and photographing the fascinating process that happens on and off stage, it is could be easy to overlook a major motivating factor: their audience. But it isn't. And I don't. Why? Because the audience is so intriguing. This performance group  has a hard-core fan base and is always winning new fans so I thought that it would be compelling to put together a few of the audience captures from their events.

Audience Reflection

Miss Kitty

Joey D. Drag King

Franky D. Lover

Joey D Drag King

Super fans!

Copyright 2013 All photos Tonya Kehoe