Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Blogger's Delight! Jewelry from

 Elvie earrings & Elvie bangle bracelet with the
 Etta pendant necklace in Mint

photo by Tonya Kehoe-Anderson

How PRETTY are these gold-plated pieces from Jami ( I just love them and have been wearing them since I received them a few days ago from the designer's PR rep. This jewelry is now being featured in Lucky, InStyle and other huge popular fashion and style magazines. It was so serendipitous how I met the company rep, as he recognized me from my blog photo while my sidekick Spencer and I were picking up a little birthday cashmere cap (for moi) at Catherine's boutique (great source for cashmere!).

This classic Mint color goes beautifully with grey (my favorite combo), black and coral. It is one of those colors that just never goes out of style. Ever!

When I went to their website, I appreciated all of the color choices available and found I just have to have one of the Horn pendants as well. 
So trust me, I will get much better photos of these pieces soon. But here, below, they are as casually taken with my iPhone 4S.
Flying towards Spring! (Elvie bangle)
...the set.

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