Monday, September 30, 2013

EVENT: 2103 Culinary Ride Photos and Video

Bikes, friendly Iowans, crisp blue sky and pure yellow sun...add in some delicious local food and you get the 3rd Annual Culinary Ride. Held Sunday Sept 28, this event is a fundraiser that is gaining a lot of traction (loose gravel jokes aside).

I enjoyed covering this event for Little Village Magazine (Photo Essay published in Oct 1 issue and I will link it here when it is public) with my friends Jason Smith and Sara Tate of PATV(they were the brave souls hanging out every available Jeep window!). Between my photos and their video I am confident that the spirit of the day was captured and I apologize, but we didn't save you any of Chef Gaby's pulled pork!

          PLAY VIDEO:

Video for PATV by Jason Smith and Sara Tate 2013 ^

A few fun photos by Tonya Kehoe:
Justin of the Press-Citizen (and cyclist) taking a photo of me while I was taking a photo of him!

So Iowa. 

Chef Gaby pulled pork out of the outdoor wood stove
 Note:the pork roast is in focus. I was hungry!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

PHOTO SHOOT: Drappeggio Bagnata


Let me nutshell this: So several years ago I saw some ancient marble sculptures in Italy. They depicted women; serene and otherworldly, gazing mysteriously through wet, draped fabric. The official tour guide told us sculpting in this manner, creating this believable and magical illusion, indicated the highest mastery level for sculptors. He called it, “Drappeggio Bagnata (Italian for wet drapery). I registered his words drifting around behind me without taking my eyes off the art. That was in 2005. In the meantime, I never, ever forgot how they looked and how I felt about them.
Strange Beauty

While these images are more modern, in some ways, they still seem like images that would be hard to assign a specific date. Looking ahead, I have an old silk military parachute to utilize for an upcoming addition to the series. Stay tuned!

(click this link to see the entry - with more photos- on the Little Village Website where I craft a weekly Style Blog)