Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Photo Shoot: Queen of Hearts (Heather)


         “The Queen 
had only one way of setting all difficulties, 
  great or small. 
       “Off with his head!” she said 
without even looking round.” - Lewis Carroll


 Queen of Hearts

An original concept photo
shoot (make-up, styling,
photography) by Tonya Kehoe 

             This photoshoot was inspired by the following:
  • A heart-shaped baking form I thrifted for fifty cents last month. I wanted to reflect a face in it instantly!
  • My petticoat and crinoline collection
  • Japanese Theatre makeup 
  • European Infanta Jesus religious sculpture (Italian and Spanish)
  • Doll lashes and doll cheeks
  • my Swarovski-handling white gloves
  • My vintage hair net collection. I love netting.
  • Heather's DOLL FACE! 
All photos copyright Tonya Kehoe 2013 
No photoshop/post-production used in any of these images. 

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