Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm sick of cooking OR: How I thought up an idea for an article about hiring a personal chef so I would be able to justify hiring a personal chef. For three meals. Three amazing, delicious meals. 

Right now I am working on an article for a local culture magazine about my experience (as a non 1%-er) of hiring a personal chef. I am enjoying greatly the fruits of her labor this week (in fact everyone in this house is enjoying her work: hers more than one really cares what I do around here)

More details to follow in the article but here is a sneak peek of some of the dishes Chef Gaby ( or (  created for us:
So this is what I come home to. A clean kitchen and a stockpile of delicious new meals ready to go neatly stacked in my refrigerator. Labeled. So a non-cook like myself can prepare them (a.k.a. warm them up) for dinner. I am so excited to know that I won't have to go to the store. For the next few days. That is a vacation in my world. 

Sorry, did I mention the first night this was for supper? Fresh salmon in homemade puff pastry with raw beet and fresh summer peach slaw. Perfect taste, perfect late summer textures.

Oh, okay,  so day two of no cooking means that this is for dinner: no big deal. Kidding. Awesome big deal.

 Leeks, zucchini and baby potatoes (the insides of the purple ones are purple which delighted us to no end! The flavors: delicate and savory and harvesty. The protein looked like this (look below now!):

Boursin-stuffed chicken breasts rolled in Panko crumbs and baked. Well, suffice it to say nobody spoke during this meal because we were all too busy eating this chicken that was beyond delicious and pleased every age at the table. 

A full report will be (fingers crossed) published soon in the local magazine with more feedback about the experience. Here, on this blog, I wanted to show you the up-close and personal food shots that, I apologize after the fact, are going to probably make you really hungry. 

(Consideration provided by Chef Gaby Weir, thank you for your time, creativity and all of the love and talent you include in every dish)


  1. Thanks for sharing, TKA! Cooking for your family was delightful. The view in your kitchen was a PLUS. Your feedback fills my heart with joy. I look forward to your article!

    1. You are welcome! You food nourished us all for a week and this was such a great project all-around. XO

  2. Chef Gaby is pretty much a pixie dream machine made real. I feel like a chump next to her - look at the beauty and deliciousness and love!

    I can't wait for more ladye blogger dispatches from TKA World (like Spice World, but better!)

    1. I know! I felt the same way, but Chef Gaby is all about encouraging me to learn more about cooking too, and I want to take a few lessons from her now. That is saying a lot. Heather, we are ladye bloggers now and have so much to discover and share! I'm posting my State Fair entry tonight. It is all about crazy Fair food (silly unconventional food for fun...not anything anyone would ever actually eat as nourishment/ more like sensory entertainment!)